3 Things You Need To Have An Uncontested Divorce


Most people who go through a divorce would like to have an uncontested divorce. This means that there is no fighting and instead, both partners agree on all the terms and simply meet with a professional to write up the documents and have the divorce executed. Even though most people want an uncontested divorce, it is not as common because too many people fight over the agreement. Here are some things that you will need to make it uncontested.

1. Agreement On Estate Division

If you are willing to do an uncontested divorce, you simply divide the estate as needed. It is easiest to have this done if the couple hasn't been married very long or if there are very few assets. For example, if the couple just got married, it is clear who brought what to the marriage. They probably haven't invested in property yet, haven't bought a lot of furniture, and it is very simple to tell who gets what. If the couple can agree to just take back what they bought, then you can get an uncontested divorce.

Another way to make it simple is if the couple never merged their bank accounts. If you have separate accounts, then it is clear who's money is who's. Both of the partners just walk away with their own things.

2. Agreement On Custody

Another important thing that very few people can agree on is custody. If you and your spouse can decide on a custody agreement that works for both of you then you can get an uncontested divorce. Usually, the couple will share legal custody 50/50, then one parent will have physical custody. This means that they have the children more. However, if one person has physical custody then the other person will have to pay some child support. If you truly split the time evenly between the children, you might get away without child support.

3. Agreement on Division Of Debt

Lastly, you need to agree how to divide your debt. Any debt that was incurred while you were married will need to be split between the two of you. This is why it is easiest to have an uncontested divorce if you can get out of your consumer debt before you get married. Then hopefully you have little debt, or you each take your own student debt, car payments and so forth. It is the consumer debt that can get tricky.

These are three things you need to have an uncontested divorce. To learn more about an uncontested divorce, contact a company like The Divorce Company. 


20 November 2017

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